Oceanlight Records CALM COLLECTOR by Bernadette Brown (Pop Vocal & Hip Hop Singles) (2 MP3 Downloads)

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Item Number: OL008-4
Manufacturer: Oceanlight Records

This sensational release on Oceanlight Records is where Smooth Jazz meets Pop, and then Pop meets Hip Hop!...All of these genres coming together...where Singer Songwriter Entertainer Bernadette Brown, meets Hip Hop Artist Extraordinaire Reggie Bennett, on the "CALM COLLECTOR" Hip Hop single release!

A clear, cool, calm and collected groove classic hit, with the brilliant collaboration of Bernadette's smooth, warm vocal sound and Reggie's dazzling hip hop rap... making it all cool for everyone to be a
CALM COLLECTOR! 2 MP3 Download Singles (Pop Vocal and Hip Hop Vocal versions)!

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