Oceanlight Records A LOVE LIFE by Bernadette Brown (MP3 Download Album)

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A LOVE LIFE by Singer Songwriter Bernadette Brown...
A phenomenal and beautiful Album from beginning to end! The ultimate Artist... Bernadette's music travels from Pop, to Adult Contemporary, to Jazz, along with other Guest Wrtiers. The Voice is Original, romantic, smooth, soaring & will warm your hearts. This Album debuted on the night of Bernadette Brown's opening stage performance for the Legendary O'Jays, at the Palace Theater in Stamford, CT. A night to remember! 
Whether you're listening to this Fan favorite Pop Ballad opening track, "In The Wind Of Your Love," or the 'on-air' inspired Wedding song, "Romancing The Dance," there's something there for Everyone! 
With a treasure list of the top Musicians in the Music Industry today... it all comes together in true, creative & timeless style.

"Bernadette is that one gem you will find and remember when and where you found her, over and over again...There's a song for everyone in this beautiful album and is a must for any Artist who wants to see how it really should be done..." More Sugar News, New York

A must have! Everyone deserves A LOVE LIFE!

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